Sales & Marketing

In Sales & Marketing we make sure people know about trivago, then inspire them to use it. We bring trivago into your homes with our TV commercials, bring it to your attention via Google, Yahoo & Facebook and bring it to hoteliers by directly calling them. We connect with industry leaders, establish long-term partnerships and ensure that everyone who knows about trivago, wants to be a part of trivago. Sales & Marketing is all about bringing trivago to the people – so if you’ve got excellent communication skills and a marketing wired brain then this is your stop!

Brand Marketing

What’s the point in developing a top-class product if no one even knows it exists? Our job is to make sure you know it exists.

Content Marketing & Communication

We’re the social media gurus, press aficionados and blog spinners excited about engaging you with enlightening material.

Sales & Account Management

Welcome to the team with all eyes trained on bringing the offers to the users and maximising trivago’s click revenue.

Advertiser Relations

We are reinventing the way trivago connects with hoteliers.

Public Affairs

We’re the face of trivago, traveling the globe to personally share our name, brand and mission.

Online Marketing

We’re the ones fired up about improving trivago's ranking performance and driving traffic to our website.

Join us in Sales & Marketing

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